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1-Year-Old Boy Saved by LifeVac – #406

LifeVac announces our 406th life saved. It was reported to us that on June 24th that a 1-year-old boy choked on a water bottle cap. BLS  protocol was followed but unfortunately was unsuccessful.  LifeVac was used once and successfully dislodged the object. “My baby finally started breathing and talking afterwards. You guys are the best!”

2-Year-Old Choking on Bottle Cap Saved by LifeVac – #405

LifeVac registers our 405th life saved. It was reported to us that on June 14th a 2-year-old little girl from Texas experienced a choking emergency.  The child choked on a bottle cap.  The little girl’s parents immediately grabbed the LifeVac!  On the second attempt, the bottle cap was dislodged opening the child’s airway and saving her… Read more

Little girl chokes and is saved with LifeVac

3-year-old Chokes on Snack and is Saved with LifeVac – #404

LifeVac is thrilled to share details on our 404th life saved A 3-year-old little girl choked on a handful of goldfish on June 24th.  Here is the mother testimonial: “10 am I was holding my 3-year-old daughter while sitting on the bar stool at the counter while she was eating goldfish…Her mouth was full, and she let… Read more

LifeVac saves 2 year old boy from choking

2-Year-Old Chokes on Cracker and is Saved with LifeVac – #403

LifeVac registers our 403rd life saved It was reported to us on June 23rd that a two-year-old little boy choked on a cracker.  The family immediately used the LifeVac device when seeing the child in distress and successfully dislodged the obstruction. We are extremely thankful this family purchased the rescue device after hearing about it… Read more

402nd life saved with LifeVac

17-Year-Old Chokes and is Saved with LifeVac – #402

LifeVac registers our 402nd life saved it was reported to us on June 23rd that a 17-year-old male choked on potato chips causing a partial obstruction.   The family was on vacation at the Dream Inn in Santa Cruz California. He was with his aunt in the hotel room as the rest of the family was… Read more

Woman uses LIfeVac on herself after choking on a cherry pit

Woman Chokes on Cherry Pit and Saves Herself with LifeVac – #359

LifeVac is thrilled to announce our 359th life saved On May 12th, a 35-year-old female choked on a cherry pit and used LifeVac on herself while sitting on the floor.  The fruit caused a total obstruction of her airway. Here is the mom’s terrifying testimonial: “I choked on the juice and sucked back the pit.  I could not… Read more

LifeVac Saves little boy from choking on banana

2-Year-Old Boy Chokes on Banana and Saved with LifeVac – #358

LifeVac proudly announces our 358th life saved On May 4th it was reported to us that a 2-year-old boy, choked on a banana.  Choking rescue procedures were performed by his mother but were unsuccessful.  After one attempt LifeVac successfully dislodged the banana, and the child was able to breathe again. Here is the mother’s testimonial: “Whenever a mom… Read more

LifeVac Saves 357th life in choking emergency

LifeVac Used to Save Little Girl that had a Seizure and Choked – #357

LifeVac is delighted to share news of our 357th life saved On May 10th a 2-year-old little girl began to choke while having a febrile seizure.  Here is the mother’s terrifying story of the day her daughter choked. “I wanted you to know that I believe that the LifeVac saved my daughter’s life on Monday. She… Read more

LifeVac used to save elder care home resident

LifeVac Used to Save Elderly Resident in UK Care Home – #353

LifeVac announces our 353rd life saved We are thrilled to share news of another life saved in the UK care sector, this time within the largest care home provider in the UK.  It was reported to us, that an elderly resident who relies on a wheelchair for daily tasks and suffers from Dementia came into difficulty while… Read more

LifeVac saves 312th life

LifeVac Used to Save 86-Year-Old in Wheelchair – #312

LifeVac proudly shares news of our 312th life saved. It was reported to us that on April 12th an 86-year-old quadriplegic man choked on roasted chicken.  The food caused a partial obstruction of his airway.  Abdominal thrusts were impossible to perform as he is in an electronic wheelchair.  His wife tilted back the wheelchair and used the… Read more