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LifeVac saves 9 year old from choking on lollipop #394

9-Year-Old Chokes on Lollipop and is Saved with LifeVac – #394

LifeVac is thrilled to share news of our 394th life saved It was reported to us that on June 17th a 9-year-old boy choked on a lollipop (flat sucker).  The candy caused a partial obstruction which turned into a total blockage. LifeVac was used after protocol failed. “Sucker broke due to the suction of the LifeVac… Read more

LifeVac Saves Man from Choking to Death

LifeVac Registers 113th Life Saved

We are thrilled to share the news that LifeVac has saved a 35-year-old gentleman when he began choking on a piece of steak at his son’s birthday party.  My wife attempted the Heimlich but being tall she was not able to remove the obstruction.   “I was so happy to see my wife with the… Read more

LifeVac Registers 91st Life Saved

LifeVac rejoices as another CHILD has been saved. This precious toddler, a 7-month-old girl choked on a candy wrapper. She was turning purple and not making a sound. Choking rescue procedures were immediately performed by the parent however they were unsuccessful and she ran for the LifeVac.  911 was called and arrived after the obstruction… Read more