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Inside Edition: Austin Police Officer Saves 4-Year-Old with LifeVac

A little boy was choking on his own saliva in Austin, Texas, and officers’ efforts to save him were recorded on bodycam. One officer grabbed a crucial piece of equipment – his LifeVac. He raced over to where another officer was trying to revive the child, whose lips were turning blue. They laid him down… Read more

LifeVac device used to save woman with COPD and Asthma #418

Woman with COPD and Asthma Chokes and Is Saved with LifeVac Device – #418

LifeVac is delighted to share details on our 418th life saved On July 3rd a 59-year-old woman with COPD and Asthma choked on a piece of watermelon. The whole family was at her mom’s house. Here is her sister’s testimonial of the choking that took place that day. “My sister Debbie, who is a 59-year-old Grandmother… Read more