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LifeVac saves baby boy from choking

22-Month-Old Boy Chokes on Strawberry and is Saved with LifeVac– #386

LifeVac is thrilled to share news of our 386th life saved A 22-month-old boy choked on a strawberry causing a total obstruction.  His mother immediately started to perform choking rescue procedures on her son. Unfortunately back blows failed.  Thankfully she had a LifeVac.  On the 1st attempt, the LifeVac device successfully dislodged the fruit clearing his […]

Good samaritan uses LifeVac to save boy #340

Good Samaritan Saves Boy with LifeVac – #340

LifeVac is overjoyed to share news of our 340th life saved. On April 22nd, a Good Samaritan saved the life of a young boy!  The Assistant Director of the Food Service Department in an Iowa school saved a student when he began choking on popcorn chicken.  She was not scheduled to be at that school on that day […]

338th life saved from choking using LifeVac

4-Year-Old Boy Chokes and Saved with LifeVac – #338

LifeVac announces our 338th life saved On April 23rd we received news that a 4-year-old boy with a rare form of epilepsy choked on a whole hush puppy.  The child’s mother performed the choking rescue protocol but was unsuccessful in dislodging the obstruction.  She quickly got the LifeVac, laid him down, and was able to successfully […]