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LifeVac Registers 96th Life Saved

We are thrilled to share the news that a 6-year-old boy was saved on January 6th.  He is the 39th child that LifeVac has helped save. The child choked on a large piece of chicken while having dinner. Here is the mom’s testimonial LifeVac Absolutely, saved my son’s life. My son has a very low tone. Coughing can be a challenge, so, he was not able to expel this on his own. This was my last resort before calling the ambulance (I was the only adult and couldn’t help my son and make the phone call at the same time),  On the second attempt, a giant piece of chicken was expelled. […]


LifeVac Registers 88th Life Saved from Choking

Rocío, Four years old, Overcomes a Choking Emergency Thanks to LifeVac This beautiful four-year-old girl suffered a choking last September. Rocío’s mother wanted to share a happy ending with all of us. Rocío was having fish for dinner at her home in Madrid with her mother when she choked on one of the pieces of food, which caused an airway obstruction. Her mother then tried to move the fragment that prevented her from breathing, patting the girl on the back, without getting Rocío to expel the piece blocked in her throat. The two were home alone, so she decided to use the LifeVac device, managing to release the food. “It has […]