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LifeVac Saves a Woman with Lou Gehrig’s Disease from Choking – #166

LifeVac is proud to announce its 166th life saved. A woman with Lou Gehrig’s disease experienced a frightening choking scare while eating a hamburger.  Thankfully her daughter had a LifeVac on hand and used the rescue device to remove the obstruction.  “Object came out and she started breathing again”. She had trouble swallowing and we always […]

Elderly Patient in Wheelchair Saved with LifeVac – #165

We are extremely pleased to share news from our partners at LifeVac Europe that LifeVac has helped save another life within the UK eldercare sector. A resident who relies on a wheelchair for everyday tasks was enjoying their food during dinner. Within seconds food unfortunately became lodged in their airway creating a full airway obstruction. […]

Woman Saves Stranger at Restaurant with Lifevac when Heimlich fails

Woman Saves a Man in Restaurant with LifeVac – #164

LifeVac is thrilled to share details on our 164th life saved. “Just used my LifeVac on an elderly man choking in a restaurant tonight. I bought for my baby (now toddler) and have kept it on me 24/7 ever since. I thank god we were theretonight to help this man when the Heimlich failed twice. […]

LifeVac Saves Another Life in the Elder Care Sector – #163

LifeVac is proud to share more wonderful news that another life has been saved within the eldercare sector in the UK. The choking experts at LifeVac Europe are extremely proud to share more amazing news this week. LifeVac has been used again to save a life within Dovehaven care homes, thanks to the quick-thinking actions […]

LifeVac Saves Another Life in the Care Sector – #162

The team at LifeVac Europe is incredibly pleased to share the wonderful news that LifeVac has saved another life in the adult care sector. It has been reported to us that LifeVac was used within a Hallmark care home to help save a life in a choking emergency. An elderly resident was sitting down enjoying […]

Mom Saves Her Son from Choking Using LifeVac – #161

LifeVac received exciting news of a mother saving her son from choking. Our 161st life saved to date. Watch the video below and read her comments.   Here is the mom’s testimonial on the frightening choking scare. “Today I fixed JD a Turkey and cheese sandwich for lunch, as he wished. I was in the […]

2 Year Old Saved with LifeVac

Family Saves 2-Year-Old Child – #160

LifeVac received news of a 2-year-old that was saved using LifeVac LifeVac is delighted to share news of its 160th life saved.  Here is the testimonial from our Canadian office: We are excited to announce that LifeVac was used to save a 2-year-old child in Prince Edward Island on July 14th!!! The little girl was […]

Man Saves Himself Using LifeVac – #159

LifeVac received news of a man that saved himself from choking with LifeVac LifeVac is delighted to announce its 159th life saved.  A 28-year-old male started choking on a steak causing an airway obstruction.  The victim used the LifeVac on himself in a standing position and on the 3rd application, the obstruction was dislodged opening […]

LifeVac Saves 10-Month-Old Girl from Choking – #158

LifeVac is excited to share details on its 158th life saved! LifeVac registers its 158th life saved!  We are overjoyed to share details that LifeVac has helped save the life of another child. A 10-month-old little girl choked on a piece of bacon causing a blocked airway. The child’s mother performed all choking rescue procedures […]

LifeVac Saves 9-Month-Old Baby Boy from Choking – #157

LifeVac is excited to share details on its 157th life saved! We are thrilled to share the news that LifeVac has helped save the life of another child.  A 9-month-old baby boy began choking on a carrot causing partial airway obstruction.  The child’s mom who is trained and CPR certified performed infant choking rescue procedures […]