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48-Year-Old Patient Saved from Choking – #256

LifeVac is happy to announce our 256th life saved On January 7th it was reported to us that a 48-year-old male choked on a cracker.  Choking rescue procedures were performed on the gentleman but were unsuccessful. The individual was laid down on the floor and LifeVac was applied. On the second attempt, the cracker was […]

Toddler Chokes on Chocolate and is saved with LifeVac Device

2-Year-Old Girl Saved from Choking on Chocolate – #255

LifeVac is happy to share news of our 255th life saved On January 7th we received news that a 2-year-old little girl began choking on a chocolate bar with almonds.  The food caused a severe blockage and the child was not able to breathe.  The parent performed back slaps at least 5 times with no […]

LifeVac saves 254th life

Toddler Saved from Choking with LifeVac – #254

LifeVac announces its 254th life saved We have been informed that on January 7th LifeVac was used again to help save the life of another child.  A 1-year-old girl began choking causing a partial blockage in her airway.  Her parent followed the choking rescue procedures but they were unsuccessful. The child was laid down and […]

LifeVac Saves 253rd life at New Years Eve party

Woman Saved with LifeVac at New Years Eve Party – #253

LifeVac is excited to share news of our 253rd life saved On December 31 a 23-year-old female was attending a New Year’s Eve party when she began choking on a chocolate chip cookie causing a total blockage. LifeVac was used immediately and on the first attempt, the obstruction was dislodged. Here is the testimonial from […]

LifeVac Saves 30th Life!

On the 27th of August 2019, LifeVac was informed once again of saving another child’s life! Sue Stokes who is certified in BLS protocol had to put her life-saving skills to the test on Friday morning to save her son Nicholas’s life. Sue who has had to previously put her life-saving skills to the test […]

LifeVac Saves 29th Life in the Care Sector and 1st Life in Poland!

On the 9th of August 2019, we were informed that LifeVac saved another life. This is LifeVac’s 29th life that we have been informed of and our first life saved in Poland. Our distributor LifeVac Polska trained an elder care home “Dom Pomocy Społecznej” two weeks ago in Krakowska on the use of LifeVac to […]