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LifeVac is thrilled to report that another life was saved today. This is the 27th reported life saved to date. Here is a testimonial from a staff member: “I work at an assisted living facility and one of our residents began choking during dinner, we attempted the Heimlich which was unsuccessful. We then used the LifeVac and we were able to dislodge the bolus of food from her airway. Paramedics arrived on the scene within 7 minutes and the paramedic instructed me to continue using the LifeVac until they had their suction tube ready for use. By the time paramedics arrived this 92-year-old resident was already breathing and most of […]

We are delighted to share LifeVac has saved another life in the care sector A female resident in Aspen Lodge Care Home began to choke on food during lunch. BLS was carried out by carers which failed. The resident started to become unconscious. LifeVac was used and dislodged the food from her airway saving her life. This is LifeVacs 19th life saved in the care sector and many more around the world.

LifeVac Reports It’s First Saved Life in Australia   When an elderly Queensland resident, had choked on a piece of chicken and attempts to remove the object were unsuccessful, the resident was quickly turning blue; the staff reached for their recently installed LifeVac device and quickly removed the obstruction. The resident suffered no harm or injury from the incident and staff and the family is very grateful that the LifeVac was available to save another life. For enquires or a demonstration of the LifeVac in your facility, please call 1-877-LIFEVAC