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LifeVac Saves Patient from Choking – 141st Life Saved

LifeVac Saves Life in Care Home

LifeVac registers its 141st life saved.  LifeVac used to save another Long Term Care Home Resident in Ontario, Canada! We are delighted to have received the news that LifeVac was used to save an 84-year-old resident on May 15th. The gentleman was sitting in a wheelchair and experienced a full blockage choking emergency. Fast-acting staff… Read more

LifeVac Saves Elderly Patient from Choking – 140th Life Saved

LifeVac Saves Patient in Hospital from Choking

LifeVac proudly announces our 140th life saved. An elderly patient in a long-term care facility choked on turkey.  Protocol was performed but was unsuccessful. The patient was transported to the hospital where hospital staff scoped the patient but was unable to locate the FBAO. All other rescue methods were attempted and failed.  The nurse practitioner… Read more