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8-Month-Old Chokes on Orange Pieces and is Saved with LifeVac – #471

8 month old saved with LifeVac

LifeVac announces our 471st life saved On August 26th an 8-month-old baby girl choked on a bunch of cut-up orange pieces.  The fruit caused a partial obstruction to her airway.  When her parents saw her in distress, they immediately grabbed the LifeVac. While the baby was still in her highchair her father utilized the LifeVac.  On… Read more

61-Year-Old with PSP Saved with LifeVac – #470

LifeVac used to save man with PSP

LifeVac registers our 470th life saved We received news that a 61-year-old man choked on a hamburger causing a partial obstruction. LifeVac was utilized and successfully dislodged the food. Here is the testimonial from the gentleman’s brother: “The incident happened back in 2021. My twin brother suffered from a condition called PSP- a frontal lobe disorder… Read more

83-Year-Old Care Home Resident Saved with LifeVac – #469

LifeVac is delighted to share news of our 469th life saved “This time within another UK care home. An 83-Year-Old female resident, who resides in a care home in Wales, came into difficulty while enjoying her breakfast. Pureed food became stuck in her airway, creating a partial airway obstruction. Abdominal thrusts could not be performed as… Read more

3-Year-Old Chokes on Cracker and is Saved with LifeVac – #468

3 year old chokes and is saved with LifeVac

LifeVac registers our 468th life saved On August 22nd we received news of a 3-year-old boy who choked on a cracker.  The food partially obstructed his airway.  His parent realizing her son was in distress, performed choking rescue protocol.  Unfortunately, attempts failed.  Thankfully this family saw an ad on TikTok and purchased a LifeVac.  On the first Place,… Read more

Patient in Nursing Home Saved with LifeVac – #467

Patient in nursing home saved with lifevac

LifeVac is proud to share news of our 467th life saved It has been reported to us that LifeVac has helped save yet another life in the UK care sector. This time within a Nursing Home located in Yorkshire. An 83-Year-Old female with Dementia, came into difficulty while enjoying her dinner. Food had become lodged in… Read more

LifeVac Used in Nursing Home to Save a Life – #343

LifeVac used to save elderly patient in nursing home

LifeVac registers our 343rd life saved We are thrilled to share news from our partners in the UK. The team at LifeVac Europe is proud to share news of another life saved within Pilling Nursing Home. It was reported to us that an elderly resident was enjoying their meal when suddenly they came into difficulty. Food had become… Read more