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LifeVac Registers 97th Saved Life

We are excited to announce that LifeVac registers the 97th life saved.  It has been reported to us that once again LifeVac has helped save the life of a choking victim when the BLS protocol was unsuccessful. An individual began choking on a walnut causing an obstructed airway.  After the protocol failed LifeVac was used and on the first application “the walnut came out after one pull”.  (LifeVac was gifted to the family by a friend at her son’s baby shower). LifeVac was a gift of life for this family! We are thankful this family had a LifeVac.  

LifeVac Registers 90th Life Saved

LifeVac is thrilled to record another life saved in a care home! We have been informed that LifeVac was used with Runwood Homes Senior Living in the UK A resident began to choke during mealtime on a small piece of breaded fish within Runwood Homes Senior Living.  Staff carried out BLS protocol but as this incident was a partial obstruction BLS was ineffective. The choking victim was in a standing position when the staff quickly used the LifeVac to dislodge the obstruction.

LifeVac Registers 89th Life Saved

Another child has been saved with the help of LifeVac.  A young boy choked on apple sauce and was not able to breathe.  His mother performed choking rescue procedures; however, they were unsuccessful in opening the child’s airway.  LifeVac was used and successfully restored the child’s breathing before the ambulance arrived.

LifeVac Saves 80th Life

LifeVac has saved another child registering its 80th life saved.  A two-year-old little girl was saved with LifeVac by her mother (CPR certified) after BLS protocol was unsuccessful. As a mother and daycare owner, your worst nightmare is children putting objects in their mouths or eating food that is too large.  I bought LifeVac in early July. I never expected to use the device but I did and it saved my own two-year-old daughter’s life. I am so thankful I spent the money on such an amazing creation. Thank you again LifeVac. ” Shelly M. from Idaho Falls, Idaho

LifeVac Registers 72nd Life Saved

We are thrilled to share new great news from our UK partners:  “It was reported to us that LifeVac was used successfully to clear an obstruction of the airway within Akari Care when one of the wonderful people that they care for began to choke during mealtime. When a resident began to choke staff acted quickly delivering BLS protocol which failed to dislodge the obstruction. LifeVac was deployed within seconds clearing the resident’s airway.  Akari Care completed their group roll out of LifeVac in December of 2019, which like many other care groups has proven to be a great success in the time of need in a choking emergency.”   […]

LifeVac Saves 69th and 70th Life in the Netherlands

We have been informed that LifeVac was used in an elder care facility in the Netherlands to save two separate people from choking to death when BLS had failed. We look forward to sharing more information soon. Matt Banagan, Director of LifeVac Europe shares: “LifeVac Europe took on LifeVac Benelux as a distributor following the 2019 ERC Congress held in Ljubljana, the capital of Slovenia. A very good decision that became quickly apparent due to their shared passion for saving lives.”        

LifeVac Saves 67th Life

We are excited to share LifeVac registers its 67th life saved.  We have been that another life saved within the Spanish care sector when a 44-year-old female resident began to choke in a Daycare home in Valencia, Spain.  The female resident started choking on her turkey sandwich, which became a full airway obstruction. Staff again acted very quickly delivering BLS protocol which failed to dislodge the large food bolus. LifeVac was then deployed and dislodged the ball of bread and meat in her airway. The resident began to breathe again making a full recovery.

LifeVac Registers 62nd Life Saved

Meet LifeVac’s 62nd life saved! One year old, Charlotte began choking on a leaf she picked up outdoors. Both parents who are CPR certified quickly reacted to the incident. All choking rescue procedures were performed but FAILED! Thankfully they had a LifeVac on hand and her mom used the rescue device to dislodge the leaf from her airway. 💛🧡❤️ This precious little girl was SAVED BY LIFEVAC   Mom’s testimonial: “We quickly reacted and grabbed her I tried to see what was in her mouth but it was only being pushed down more when I tried to sweep her mouth . My husband tried the Heimlich and hitting her back. […]

LifeVac Saves 58th Life – 3 Year Old Girl

We are so excited when we receive these reports of a saved life using LifeVac. This is why we do what we do each day. Below is the report from the mother of a 3-year-old girl.   “I have never in my life been so thankful to have a product in my house. Both I and my husband are CPR certified and trained on how to perform back blows to remove an airway blockage on a toddler. What you don’t learn is what to do if they do if that does not work. Luckily while my husband was performing back blows I ran to get the LifeVac. The LifeVac unblocked […]

LifeVac Saves 57th Life in Care Home

LIFEVAC is proud to announce our 57th LIFE SAVED!  Two lives saved within a matter of days in Hallmark Care Homes. This month they had to put their training to the test when two residents within their group days apart began to choke during meal times. Several nurses who managed the choking incident carried out BLS protocol with no success.  LifeVac was used to dislodge the blockage and saved the female patient’s life. Choking is a very common occurrence in the care sector due to the nature of who care providers care for on a daily basis. There are many reasons for this such as Dysphagia, physical disabilities, side effects from […]