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With one application a large piece of peanut butter and bread roughly 3 inches long was dislodged saving Nicholas’s life.

LifeVac Saves 30th Life!

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1,400+ Lives Saved

LifeVac Home & Travel Kit Bundle



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  • This bundle covers children and adults. Never expires. Keep one at home and take the travel kit with you on the road. Free replacement LifeVac when used in an emergency!
  • The LifeVac is a non-powered, non-invasive, single-use-only airway clearance device developed for resuscitating a victim with an airway obstruction when current protocols have been followed without success. The negative pressure generated by the force of the suction is 3 times greater than the highest recorded abdominal thrusts. The duration of suction is minimal so LifeVac is safe and effective.
    • No prescription required
    • Not equipped to be used on persons under 22lbs. (Based on the mask manufacturer’s general guidelines for the pediatric mask, 22lbs. is the recommended minimum weight for a proper fit. We have confirmed that LifeVac is safe and effective for this weight range and above.)
    • Check masks periodically and strongly consider replacement every two to three years

WEIGHT 1.4 lbs

DIMENSIONS 12 × 9 × 6 in

After placing your order, you will receive confirmation of your order. When there is any activity on your order, such as shipped, you will receive a notification email.

Based on 89 Happy customers

With one application a large piece of peanut butter and bread roughly 3 inches long was dislodged saving Nicholas’s life.

LifeVac Saves 30th Life!

Ensure the Safety of Your Family from Airway Obstruction Dangers in Just 3 Simple Steps with LifeVac

Order Now and Save Your Loved Ones


Place the mask over the mouth and nose.

This compact and user-friendly tool is designed to provide rapid and effective airway clearance, safely dislodging obstructing objects from the throat.​


Push Down

With LifeVac, you can act swiftly and confidently. The device comes with interchangeable masks for adults, children, and ability to take immediate action, potentially saving all family members.​


Pull Up

You no longer need to rely solely on emergency services or potentially risky methods. With LifeVac, you have the ability to take immediate action, potentially saving lives and preventing tragedy.​

How It Works

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The fire department arrived 8-12 minutes after 911 was called. Upon arrival at the scene, the obstruction had already been removed.

25th Life Saved:
11-Month Old Saved by LifeVac

He then coughed it up and threw up. We live in the boonies and would be at least 15-20 min before anyone got to us.

26th Life Saved:
5 Year Old Saved by LifeVac

At first, I tried the Heimlich. No success. I got out my LifeVac and immediately my baby was breathing!!!

28th Life Saved:
6 Year Old Saved in Strathmore Alberta

With one application a large piece of peanut butter and bread roughly 3 inches long was dislodged saving Nicholas’s life.

LifeVac Saves 30th Life!

On September 16th, LifeVac was informed of saving our 32nd life, our first child saved in the UK.

LifeVac Registers 32nd
Saved Life

The worker got their LifeVac and she reported that after the Place, Push, Pull, the obstruction was removed and the boy started breathing normally.

LifeVac Registers 37th
Life Saved

He was taken to the hospital where he was examined thoroughly and an x-ray taken. The child is ok! “This product is literally a life saver”, said his mother, Sierra.

LifeVac Registers 40th
Life Saved

I had my LifeVac on the counter because we only bought it about 2 weeks ago. Thank God I was able to dislodge the orange piece and she started to recover.

LifeVac Saves 11-Month-Old from
43rd Saved Life

Based on

1,400 Lives Saved

Secure SSL Payments Guaranteed

How LifeVac Became Their Guardian Angel in Moments of Crisis

Voices of Survival: LifeVac's Unforgettable Impact

Frequently Asked Questions

You Have Questions? We Have Answers.

LifeVac is equipped to be used on persons starting at 22 pounds utilizing the pediatric mask. Per our mask manufacturer’s recommended guidelines 22 pounds is the minimum weight for the pediatric mask to fit properly. Manufacturers must create specifications where their tests show the product functions optimally. We have verified testimonials that the rescue device was used successfully under that weight recommendation saving infants’ lives. After all other rescue measures were unsuccessful the parent used the rescue device at their discretion as a last resort to save their child. LifeVac has safely saved children ranging from 3 weeks old to 13 years old.

The LifeVac can be used in any position.  (Sitting, standing, laying down). We have had reports where moms have used the rescue device in a high chair, laying their child down on the floor, and even sitting on their lap.

The LifeVac device is one-time use-only airway clearance device. If the LifeVac device is used in a emergency and has saved the victim’s life, the unit should not be used again for sanitary reasons. If used, please contact us through our website to fill out a “Report a Life Saved” questionnaire.  We will contact you and gladly replace your unit free of charge. ( The LifeVac unit can be used multiple times if the obstruction is not dislodged on the first application. The masks should be inspected and consider replacing every 2-3 years.

No. The LifeVac device will NOT have to be replaced unless used to save the life of a victim. Only the masks will need to be replaced every 2-3 years. The outer packaging of the masks indicates an expiration date.

Yes. The LifeVac was designed to be easy to use. Easy enough that if you live alone, you can use LifeVac on yourself in an emergency. Watch the how to video below.

LifeVac is FDA registered as a Class II medical device.  It is exempt from pre-market clearance. The FDA does not require a pre-market review of the LifeVac device. Currently, in the United States, all portable suction devices are required to be registered with the FDA, not approved. 


LifeVac is also available for online purchase in Canada, Europe, South East Europe, Spain, Australia, and Japan.


We have been told by customers they were able to make a purchase using their FSA.  We suggest you contact your tax accountant to see if LifeVac would be eligible as a healthcare expense.

The LifeVac Home kit comes equipped with 3 masks.  The additional mask is a practice mask. We provide customers with a practice mask so they can become familiar with how the rescue device works before an emergency situation occurs. It will also include additional literature and is packaged in a clear zip-close bag. The travel kit does not come with the additional mask or additional literature and is packaged in a yellow zip-up bag.  That kit is designed more for those customers that have purchased the home kit and would like an additional unit to take with them on the go. See below images to see the difference between the two kits.  

Our shipping charges for a single unit are $9.70. The flat rate charge for the Home & Travel bundle is $10.70.

Most orders ship by end of next business day. Please expect delivery within 7-10 business days.
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Yes, it is very secure. Your connection to is encrypted with 128-bit encryption. The connection uses TLS 1.0. We also have a firewall by Sucuri running for added security. If you don’t feel comfortable entering in your credit card information, you can use Apple Pay, Google Pay or Paypal to checkout. All of these payment methods provide an extra level of security.

You will receive confirmation of your order. When there is any activity on your order, such as shipped, you will receive a notification email.

Yes, you will receive an invoice for your order. If you do not receive it, please don’t hesitate to contact us and we will send it.

Returns will be accepted within 10 days of receipt of the order. Return units must be unopened. Opened units may be returned but only for reason of a manufacturer defect to the unit or masks. Please fill out the returns form here for a return authorization and return label. A refund of the unit cost will be issued following the receipt and inspection of the returned Unit. The charges for the return shipping will be deducted from the refund unless the refund is due to manufacturers defect in which case a full refund of the unit price or replacement will be issued.

Based on 1,400+ Lives Saved

LifeVac Home & Travel Kit Bundle​



Save $9.05

Secure SSL Payments Guaranteed

Based on 89 Happy customers