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Tune in to “The Brian Kilmeade Show”

Tune in to “The Brian Kilmeade Show” on WEDNESDAY, August 5th at 11:50am for LIVE interview with Arthur Lih, CEO and Inventor of LifeVac. Brian Kilmeade interview will be LIVE on Talk Radio 77 WABC in New York.

Brian Kilmeade hosts the top-rated morning show in cable news, Fox and Friends. Ranked the 5th most powerful radio show in the nation according to Talkers Magazine. Brian will offer his take on the top stories of the day, with newsmakers and guest experts offering their insight and perspective, along with segments featuring the top personalities of Fox News Channel and Fox Business Network. Listen to the Brian Kilmeade Show on August 5th @ 11:50 am for Arthur Lih’s interview. The radio show where the listener’s point-of-view and discussion are always welcome.

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