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Woman uses LIfeVac on herself after choking on a cherry pit

Woman Chokes on Cherry Pit and Saves Herself with LifeVac – #359

LifeVac is thrilled to announce our 359th life saved

On May 12th, a 35-year-old female choked on a cherry pit and used LifeVac on herself while sitting on the floor.  The fruit caused a total obstruction of her airway.

Here is the mom’s terrifying testimonial:

“I choked on the juice and sucked back the pit.  I could not breathe at all and was home alone with my kids. I used it on myself, the first time I didn’t do it hard enough and was really weak and disoriented but the second time my brain kinda panicked and took over and I smashed it really hard down while on the kitchen floor and it completely cleared my airway.  My 8yr old watched it happen and is still talking about it.

My 12yr old was on the phone with the 911 operator and the immediate relief to be able to breathe and cough was insane. I would have likely lost consciousness before the ambulance arrived. I have no damage or injury from using the LifeVac and it worked perfectly. I’m still surprised it worked for self-use. It was very lucky I had it in our medical bag in the lower kitchen cabinet because we are traveling and, in an Airbnb, right now. I opened the mask and attached it while on the floor and as my son has been saying ‘really red like an apple and purple’ but I was able to use it effectively.  “The cherry pit was shot right into the large compression area and removed from blocking the airway. Absolutely, without a doubt, LifeVac saved my life.

The paramedics on the scene also said this.” I swallowed a lot of air and am sore but didn’t need hospital transport. They even took a photo of the cherry out inside the device it worked so well. After about 30m of observation and clear vitals, they cleared me. They just kept repeating how lucky I am and how amazing it was I had that nearby.”

359th life saved by Choking rescue device


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