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Woman saves herself from choking using LifeVac

Woman saves herself from choking with LifeVac – #401

LifeVac is delighted to announce our 401st life saved

A 43-year-old female self-administered LifeVac when she choked on a hot dog.  The food caused a total blockage of her airway.

Here is her testimonial:

“On June 12, 2022, I was home alone eating a hotdog and watching a movie when I gasped and the piece of food in my mouth when down my throat and got stuck. I had no air at all and began to panic. I tried hitting my chest and nothing worked, I was so panicked I never thought to get my phone and call 911, they also are in the next town and probably would not have gotten to me in time.

I remembered the LifeVac device that I just bought and received less than one week earlier. I started to feel my feet and hands tingling and go numb. All I could think was my children were going to come home from school and find their mother dead on the floor. I used all my strength to get to the bathroom and opened the LifeVac package, at this point I was seeing spots and knew I was very close to passing out. I was shaking a lot and while standing tried to put it on my face but was too shaky, so I quickly laid down right there in the bathroom and put my head back and put the device over my face and nose and pushed down and pulled back fast.  The hotdog came right up, and I gasped for air. LifeVac saved my life that day and I will forever be grateful. Had I not seen the video of the child in the restaurant choking and the LifeVac saving his or her life I would not have purchased when I did and would not be here to tell my story. Thank you to the family who shared their story and thanks you to LifeVac for saving my life.”

401st Life Saved by LifeVac

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