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LifeVac used to save man in care center #432

Good Samaritan Saves Man in Care Center with LifeVac – #432

LifeVac is thrilled to announce our 432nd life saved

It was reported to us by a Good Samaritan that a choking incident occurred on July 25th at an adult daycare center for those individuals with neurological disabilities.  A 57-year-old male patient choked on a peanut butter sandwich. The unit was purchased by a mom who has two young children and is a nurse at the facility.  She had her LifeVac in her car and saved the life of her patient.

All choking rescue measures were attempted to dislodge the obstruction. Manual electronic suction was even unsuccessful. CPR was also performed.  Five staff members were all taking turns assisting.  The good Samaritan went to her car where she keeps her travel kit at all times.  The patient was unconscious when LifeVac was used. LifeVac successfully dislodged the peanut butter sandwich after several attempts.

“Patient was sent to hospital for observation.  He was conscious and breathing when he got on the stretcher”

Another life saved by a Good Samaritan! You are a hero ZS.  Thank you!


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