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Infant saved from choking with LifeVac anti-choking device

LifeVac saves it’s youngest life, 3-week-old girl

On November 13th LifeVac was used to save the life of 3-week-old, Audrey Johnson, the youngest life saved!  The infant’s airway was fully obstructed and she was turning blue.  She was unable to breathe due to the combination of thick mucus and gripe water.  Infant choking rescue procedures were performed but were not working.  Jerad, the baby’s father grabbed the LifeVac from the cabinet and quickly assembled the device.  After a proper seal was made the LifeVac pulled the thick mucus through her from her airway, restored her breathing and was saved.  She was examined by paramedics after the incident and all vitals signs were great.

Report from the father:

“LifeVac just saved my daughter’s life. My 3-week-old was choking and proper newborn procedures weren’t working to dislodge the thick mucus blocking her airway. While my wife and in-laws worked quickly to try and get her breathing (and talking with emergency dispatch), I grabbed this device from my cabinet, quickly assembled and used it to immediately clear her airway and restore breathing. I’ll be buying more and you should too! Can’t stop shaking. Thank God for her ability to breathe and for this device that I purchased proactively.”

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