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26th Life Saved: 5 Year Old Saved by LifeVac

LifeVac is thrilled to report that another young life was saved today. This is the 26th reported life saved to date.

From the child’s mother:

“We just had a major traumatic morning. My daughter apparently gave our son a lemonhead in her bedroom then I hear him start gagging & her asking if he was ok. I rushed to him & he no longer was talking or able to get a breath in. Tears coming from his eyes & snot from the nose was all I was getting. I banged forcefully on his back, nothing, I did Heimlich, nothing. I went to grab my LifeVac device I bought a year or so ago and someone had moved it from the top of my fridge where I always kept it to a cabinet way above. I grabbed achair in my panic & got the device down and started working on him. He then coughed it up and threw up. We live in the boonies and would be at least 15-20 min before anyone got to us.

Parents, let me tell you this is the best $60ish dollars I’ve ever spent. Even if I only ever use it once (hopefully), my kid’s life is worth everything. 🙏🏻”


Knowing family members are still able to hold, visit and speak to their son’s, daughter’s, mother’s, father’s and grandparents due to LifeVac is an amazing feeling. This is why LifeVac was invented and we are working very hard to get noninvasive suction into BLS protocol which will stop thousands of people dying every year from choking to death.




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