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25th Life Saved: 11 Month Old Saved by LifeVac

LifeVac is thrilled to report that another young life was saved early this morning. This is the 25th reported life saved to date.


Record of choking incident

May 30, 2019
911 called – 5:20pm
Pittsburg, California


Amarianna Robinson, 11 months old (22 pounds) began to choke at her home. The plastic wrapper atop of a pop tart toaster strudel icing package had fallen on the floor and picked up by little Amarianna. The piece of plastic caused a total blockage of her airway. She was gurgling, not able to make a sound, no air moving.

Piece of plastic

The child was immediately turned over and 5 back blows were performed. A finger sweep was then performed. Upon finger sweeping the mouth, a hard obstruction was felt in the back of the throat. It could not be removed. Back blows were again administered but did not remove the plastic piece. Another family member called 911. “I remember it really hit me that she was really choking and this was the end on the third try. That’s when “where’s the LifeVac?” popped in my mind.  I tried 2 more times after that and then used the LifeVac.” 911 emergency responders were told that the parent was looking for the rescue suction device that was purchased in case of a choking emergency. Parent was advised not to use anything and wait for the first responders to arrive. Parent had attempted choking protocol and knew she needed to locate the rescue device. She has just returned from a vacation and it was still packed.

The child was still conscious when parent located the LifeVac. The child was laid down and the LifeVac was placed on the child. On the 2nd attempt/pull the child vomited and started to cry. The parent sat up the child and did another finger sweep. The obstruction was dislodged into the victim’s mouth where it was removed. The LifeVac successfully removed the jagged piece of plastic thereby saving the child’s life.

Fire department arrived 8-12 minutes after 911 was called. Upon arrival to the scene the obstruction had already been removed. First responders checked her vitals, lungs and was given clean bill of health. Firemen was shown the product and expressed to the parent he did not know if choking protocol (the Heimlich or back blows) would have been able to remove this type of obstruction. He mentioned that he will like to get the product.

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