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LifeVac saves 7 year old boy in choking emergency

7-Year-Old Boy is Saved with LifeVac after Choking on a Grape – #372

LifeVac is happy to share news of our 372nd life saved

On May 22nd it was reported to us that a 7-year-old boy choked on a grape. The parents immediately attempted choking rescue procedures, but BLS protocol failed. They laid their son on his back.  LifeVac successfully dislodged the grape on the first attempt.

“We were having a family picnic on our back porch when he began choking. I had received this as a gift and never thought I would actually have to use it. Now I want to have one in my bag at all times just in case!”  This was purchased for me by a grandmother as a gift. LifeVac ABSOLUTELY saved his life”



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